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Fort Hood Press Center
DATE: May 23, 2012 11:53:41 AM CDT


17-Team Single Elimination PWW Basketball Tournament

  Phantom CMD (11)               21 CAV (35)
2/1 BCT (17) 220830 13 ESC (45)           21 CAV (38) 210845
210800 221300           221115
13 ESC (37)           48 CHEM (24)
13 ESC (64)   13 ESC (45)       4/1 BCT (41)  
    221515       221350  
  85 CA (F)       89 MP (28)
  210930     4/1 BCT (39) 211015
  1 MED (32)       4/1 BCT (66)
  1 MED (W)           4/1 BCT (50)
        4/1 BCT      
  WTB (W)           3 CR (22)
  211115 WTB (27) 36 EN (27)     3 CR (24) 211300
  220925       221020
  504 BfSB (F)       69 ADA (19)
    36 EN (34)

Game @

41 FIRES (36)  
  3/1 BCT (19)     11 SIG (27)
  211400     211500
  36 EN (36)     41 FIRES (31)
  36 EN (32)         41 FIRES (41)


All games are played at the West Fort Hood Physical Fitness Center

Click here to view larger map and directions from your location


  • Each team will consist of 5-10 players
    • One female will be playing on the court at all times. 
    • There are no requirements for specific composition of Commissioned and/or Enlisted personnel on the team. 
    • A team may have 1 - 2 coaches in addition to the maximum of 10 players.



  • Only 5 players will be allowed on the court and as stated in the team composition, each team will have at least one female on the court at all times.
  • Substitutions will be allowed. All substitutions must go through the scorekeeper desk and will be called in by the referee. 
  • Games will be initiated with a jump-ball.
  • Personal fouls will be limited to 5 per player before the player is benched for the duration of the game.
  • Team fouls will be in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations resulting in the opposing team receiving free throws.
  • Referees have final call on all game play grievances.
  • All other rules will be conducted in accordance with NCAA regulations.
  • The tournament will be conducted by means of a blind draw, single elimination. Therefore, two random teams will need to win 5 games to become champion; whereas, the remaining 15 teams will only need to win 4 games.
  • Each full court game will have two 15 minute halves, totaling 30 minutes of game time.  There will be a 2-minute half time and each team will have one, 1-minute time out per half. During the last 2 minutes of game play, the clock will stop for fouls. In the event of a tie, there will be a 5-minute overtime.
  • First and second place will be determined by the winning and losing team in the championship game on 23 May 2012. Third place will be awarded to the losing team in the semi-finals who had the highest combined points per game earned in the semi-finals and quarter-finals.



  • Players will wear the physical fitness uniform as designated for the Phantom Warrior Week. In addition there will be team jerseys provided by MWR.
  • All players must wear basketball shoes (no running shoes, cross training shoes, etc).  
  • No jewelry will be permitted.