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DATE: April 2, 2008 11:59:27 AM PDT
Announcement: Campus news messages

Dear Campus Community,

We wanted to let you know about some important changes to our e-mail distribution lists that will occur soon.  You will automatically be added to three e-mail distribution lists - Western Alert, Western in the News and Western News Releases - that will help you to stay safe and informed about Western.  We hope that your participation in receiving these e-mail messages will help you stay "in the loop" about happenings and people on campus.  Western Alert will provide safety announcements as needed.  We are making Western in the News and Western News Releases available to all faculty and staff as many individuals have expressed interest in learning more about what people at WWU are doing.  It became clear the campus in general is interested in these reports, which have been available but on a limited basis. The frequent mentions of Western in the media also demonstrate how widely faculty and staff achievements are reported. Remember, the delete key is only a press away for any message you do not want to read. The distribution lists are:

Western Alert

This list includes all faculty, staff, and students at Western.  It will be the primary e-mail distribution of important safety announcements such as snow closures, health issues, and other emergency information.  While the system we use has an "opt-out" option that displays by default, it will not function for this list.  All faculty, staff, and students should receive Western Alert e-mails.

Western in the News

This list includes all faculty and staff at Western.  Produced daily by University Communications, this will be a synopsis of Western individuals who have appeared in the news recently.  It will surprise you how often Western faculty, staff, students, and alumni are quoted or featured in the news.  For example, did you know that an incoming student was a contestant on "America's Next Top Model" or that WWU's Professor Edward Vajda's research was featured in "inform.kz" a Web site about Kazakhstan? The announcements are simple sentences with a link to the relevant articles. It is easy to click on any story of interest and keep up-to-date about your colleagues in the news.  Western in the News will also include periodic announcements that are not of an emergency nature; for example, information about the upcoming work on Interstate 5 which may affect your commute. You will be able to "opt-out" from Western in the News, but we hope that you will instead take a brief moment in your day to read about the exciting ways Western people are in the news.

Western News Releases

This list includes all faculty and staff at Western.  Produced by University Communications, news releases are newsworthy information about events and people at Western.  Attention to these news releases will give you a ‘heads up' about what may appear in tomorrow‘s media coverage of Western. This is an excellent way to stay in tune with campus events and issues. You will be able to "opt-out" from Western News Releases, but we hope that instead you will take the time to read what is occurring on campus. It is a great way to be informed rather than not knowing.

Western Washington University continues to grow in complexity and activity. We hope that you will take the time to keep informed about the great things our faculty, staff, students and alumni are accomplishing.

Future safety enhancements:

In the coming weeks, we will be conducting a test of "Big Ole", the steam whistle that originally was at the Georgia Pacific plant on Bellingham's waterfront. Because Big Ole is a very loud whistle, it will be one of the ways that we will alert you about any significant safety issue that may require your immediate attention. When you hear Big Ole, it means to check your cell phone for any text message (you must sign-up for this service) or check your email for a "Western Alert" for more information about the emergency.  Be on the lookout for future announcements about the Big Ole test.

Karen W. Morse, President
Western Washington University

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