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 May 2016 Flooding

Flood Recovery Information 


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Brazos River Flooding Wildlife & Animal Safety FAQs

Food Safety- Do NOT eat any food that may have come into contact with flood water. Canned foods can be saved if you remove the labels and thoroughly wash the cans and disinfect them. Food Containers with snap lids and screw tops should be discarded if they have come into contact with flood water.

Dry Ice can be used daily to keep food frozen until electricity is restored. If food thaws out, it is only good to eat if it is still "refrigerator cold". To be safe, remember, "When in doubt, throw it out." Discard any food that has been at room temperature for two hours or more, and any food that has unusual odor, color, or texture. 

Sanitation and Hygiene- It is critical to remember to practice basic hygiene during emergencies. Always wash your hands with soap and water that has been boiled or disinfected:

  • before preparing or eating food;
  • after toilet use;
  • after participating in flood cleanup activities; and
  • after handling articles contaminated with flood water or sewage

In addition, flood waters may contain fecal material from overflowing sewage systems. Parents need to help children avoid waterborne illness. Do not allow children to play in flood water areas and wash children's hands frequently. 

Immunizations- If you receive a puncture wound or a wound contaminated with feces, soil, saliva, etc. have a doctor or local clinic determine whether a tetanus booster is necessary.

Mosquitoes- The large amount of pooled water remaining after a flood will lead to increased mosquito populations. The majority of the mosquitoes will be nuisance mosquitoes, NOT disease carrying mosquitoes. Fort Bend County Road & Bridge and Health & Human Services departments actively monitor and control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. 

To personally protect your self from mosquitoes, use screens on dwellings, and wear long sleeved and long-legged clothing, use mosquito repellents containing DEET, and stay in at Dusk/Dawn when mosquitoes are most active.  

When Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

Basic preparation can help keep your family safe in any type of emergency.
Make a plan and gather essentials now to avoid a truly disastrous situation. You never know when a disaster will strike. Be prepared.

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         Make a Kit.                          Have a Plan.                     Be Informed.


The Department of Health & Human Services is Fort Bend County's principal agency for protecting the health of county residents and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Department includes seven subordinate departments, covering a wide spectrum of activities.fort bend county

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