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The Bacons have served with OMF in Japan, the USA and other locations in Asia for many years.

Use this link Bacons at OMF to see their OMF profile.

NLCC has been part of their support team from the early years of their ministry.

Information from Dan & Lindie is posted here in chronological order.

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    Dan & Lindie Bacon - Christmas 2011 news letter.pdf (423.08 KB)
    Northlake Mission Focus At the moment we are in Toronto participating in an OMF conference and enjoying the lovely Canadian weather J ! Overall we are doing well. Since our car accident two years ago we’ve faced some adjustments and limitations, but otherwise we are in good health and trying to stay busy and out of trouble J ! Here is a brief update on our upcoming activities. I’m also attaching our Christmas letter in case you didn’t see it. 1. Conference – Lindie and I will be in Toronto, Canada from Jan. 8-13 participating in a conference for OMF-Canada’s home staff. I’ll be doing a workshop on Managing Transitions and Building Trust, as well as giving 3 devotional messages each morning. Please pray for safety in travel and the Lord’s enablement for a very busy and demanding time there as we interact with staff there. 2. Web workshops . It was very encouraging to see the interest and participation by some 15 mission leaders in our recent web workshop series entitled: “The Essentials of Organizational Development”. While the topic sounds rather managerial, it is a vital issue that small and large mission agencies need to wrestle with in order to effectively achieve their mission and vision. Our next 6-week web workshop runs from February – March and will focus on building effective and healthy multi-cultural mission teams. 3. Coaching sessions. It has been encouraging to interact on a regular basis with OMF missionaries in key leadership roles in Asia. The young man I’m focused on at present is extremely gifted with huge potential. He is currently on faculty at a large Bible college in Singapore. Pray that I can be of real help and encouragement to him. 4. Book project . After a long absence, I’m trying to get back into my book project on Discerning God’s Best. The focus is on guidance and discerning God’s will in the many decisions of life. I have no idea of who or how this might get published (if ever), but feel burdened to share from our experience in ministry over these many years, and hope it can be of help to others. Please pray for insight and wisdom as I develop the book and for God’s clear guidance if it is meant to see the light of day. 5. Family in Australia . Sadly, our son Gregory’s application for a study grant was declined. He is trying to complete a certificate program in Life Coaching through the Life Coaching Institute of Australia but needed some financial assistance or a part-time job. It looks now as if some kind of work will be essential to supplement his wife’s income. Please pray for God’s provision soon. 6. Possible relocation. Since our car accident just over two years ago, Lindie and I have considered often the possibility of moving out of our current home (which we love) into a condo or town house so that we wouldn’t have the wear and tear of outdoor yard work etc. After consultation with our family and close friends, we sense that it is time to make a move but first we need to sell our home – no small task in this economy J ! Assuming we can relocate, we are aiming now to move to Connecticut to live close to our youngest son and family so they we can be of help to them and they to us. Please pray for the Lord’s clear direction and provision. Thanks again, Dan and Lindie Bacon From: [] Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 8:30 PM To: Subject: Fwd: Northlake Mission Focus

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