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O'Brien's Statement Regarding Role in Gulf Spill

O'Brien's Response Management confirms that it is engaged through Unified Command with the response to the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill. As the recognized leader in emergency response management, particularly in oil spills, O'Brien's responds to over 1000 events each year. BP is one of numerous clients with whom O'Brien's has worked during the past twenty seven years. For more information about O'Brien's and its response services, go to

In addition to providing response management consulting services, O'Brien's is confirming that O'Brien's proprietary product, the PIER System, is being used by Unified Command for media and public information management. Further information about PIER's role in the response may be found at

It is O'Brien's policy to not provide specific information about its role, personnel, or specific response activities in this event or in any other similar event. The National Incident Management System requires that any response information be provided by Unified Command and not independently by anyone involved.


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O'Brien's Response Management