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The corporate and agency landscape is littered with the wreckage of once lofty and powerful names that fell victim to reputation disasters. In an era of ferocious media coverage, rumors and misinformation flowing at lightning speed through social media networks, and enterprising activists and activist-politicians, every response is a communication response. The one name that has emerged at the front lines of media, public and stakeholder communications in this era of instant news is PIER, the Public Information Emergency Response System. O’Brien’s is integrating this innovative technology with our other response technologies and incorporating the team of respected communication professionals into our team of response and planning professionals. The result is something powerful and first-to-market—a comprehensive and seamless approach to crisis and emergency planning that breaks down the silos and delivers unprecedented results.

Our ability to help you respond through effective communication is supported by:

  • Federal Agency Use — PIER’s use as a crisis communication system among federal agencies involved in many responses including the US Coast Guard, EPA (RRT9), Minerals Management Service, Health & Human Services, Food & Drug Administration, NASA, US Marshall’s Office and more.
  • UASI and Agency Use — Use of PIER in large urban areas as a Regional Joint Information Center under UASI funding including Houston, Atlanta, Austin, San Jose, Salt Lake City. Numerous government agencies in some of the regions also use PIER for managing daily media, public and stakeholder communications.
  • Crisis-Proven Technology — PIER technology and the PIER Communications Group have been tested by fire in supporting communications during large, high-profile events such as the G8 Summit, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Dennis, Ike and more, major refinery and industrial accidents, oil spills, facility siting controversies, ship groundings, pipeline incidents, aircraft accidents and many more.
  • Multi-Purpose — PIER is used for many purposes including for school closure information, employee check-in and notifications, media management, inquiry management, response liaison communications, mass notification (text and voice), issue management, public outreach, litigation support, and much more.
  • Experienced Team — Few if any teams of communication professionals have had more direct experience in major crisis and emergency events than the O'Brien's Communications Group. That experience translates directly to efficient support, effective messaging, and a comprehensive approach to all-audience communication management.
  • Crisis Communication Planning — The Communication Services Group has developed communication plans for some the nation’s largest urban regions, large multi-national non-profits, oil and shipping companies, large public utilities and many other organizations and agencies large and small. All plans are fully NIMS compliant and based on years of experience in JIC drills and actual events.
  • NIMS Driven Joint Information Center -- O'Brien's built a reputation on expertise in ICS long before it was adopted by Homeland Security as the National Incident Management System. Similarly, PIER was created out of an ICS and Joint Information Center event and has been fully NIMS compliant all along. Our communication team has perhaps more experience in JIC environments--both exercises and major events--than any other communication firm. We continue to innovate, as in the development of the Virtual JIC concept and technology, and provide national leadership in the ever-changing public information requirements under NIMS.
  • Drill & Exercise Management Experience -- O'Brien's & PIER communication professionals are actively involved in planning for and managing communication drills and exercises including regional JIC exercises for some of the nation's largest urban areas, and major federal/private exercises such as the SONS Drill, or Spill of National Significance. We can assist you in planning realistic drills and exercises ranging from small-scale virtual exercises, table tops, and major real time events.

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