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Beware of paving scammers

Posted: July 2, 2014 11:39:33 AM PDT

Bellingham (WA)  The Bellingham Police Department is currently investigating a series of activities being conducted by a paving company that appear to be fraudulent in nature. 

On June 16, 2014 an asphalt paving company contacted the Soy House  located at 400 W. Holly Street.  The company indicated that they were working on an asphalt project in the area and had some left over asphalt that they could use to improve the Soy House parking lot.   After a  verbal agreement was reached the company brought in some trucks and a large roller and worked on the parking lot for about 2 hours.  The leader of this company then demanded immediate payment of several thousand dollars and insisted that the check be made out to him, rather than to the company named on the business trucks.  The scammers led this business to believe that they were going to come back early in the next week and complete agreed upon work (that had now been paid for).  The paving company did not return and the value of the initial work that they completed was not even close to matching the amount paid by the victim business.

So far we have received one additional report of this asphalt company pulling this scam on a Bellingham business located on the south side of Bellingham.  Ironically, this business was told that the asphalt company had left over asphalt from Soy House available for repairs to their business lot. 

The majority of the asphalt trucks used in this situation had business graphics on them for “I-5 Paving”.  At least one of the trucks was displaying an Oregon license plate.  All attempts to locate this business to verify if it is legitimate have been unsuccessful.

If you believe that you are a victim of this particular scam, or have information that will assist police detectives in resolving this investigation please contact Detective Dan Kelsh at 360-778-8690.


Media Contact:
Bob Vander Yacht, Lieutenant
Bellingham Police Department

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