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SWAT operation results in safe recovery of children

Posted: May 28, 2014 10:20:47 AM PDT

Bellingham (WA) The Bellingham Police were contacted by Skagit County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday night with a request for assistance in locating an adult male suspect in a felony level domestic assault that had occurred at about 5 p.m. near Sedro Woolley.  SCSO deputies had developed probable cause to arrest William T. Young (10-28-83) for Assault 2nd degree/DV.  Young resides in Sedro Woolley.

Bellingham officers learned that Young had fled from Skagit County in a Mazda 626 and SCSO had reason to believe that he would head to a residence in the 1100 block of Franklin Street in Bellingham.  We were informed that he had possession of his two children; a 3 year old and a 3 month old.  The Franklin Street address is where the mother of the children, and the victim of today’s assault, resides.

SCSO advised that when Young had fled from the scene of the crime he was possibly in possession of knives, had several outstanding local warrants for his arrest and a felony Department of Corrections warrant for Assault 2nd.  The DOC warrant is unrelated to yesterday's incident. 

BPD officers located Young’s vehicle near the Franklin Street address.  This is the same vehicle that was used to deliberately strike the adult female victim.

Our officers learned that Young was making statements today indicating that he would not surrender to officers and that he intended to “put up a fight”.  Young has a history of fighting with police officers and has demonstrated unstable behavior. 

Bellingham SWAT resources were summoned to the Franklin Street address to assist in taking Young into custody. This specialized team was called into action because of the serious nature of the domestic assault today, possible possession of weapons, statements about intent to resist officers and the presence of young children in the home.  The totality of circumstances demanded that an orchestrated effort be employed to assure the safety of the involved children, our community, officers and the suspect.

Hostage negotiators and SWAT spent several hours executing their plan to achieve a safe resolution to this incident.  At about 12:09 a.m. Young was taken into custody and the two children were recovered from the home unharmed.

In long term stand-off type events normal police operations must be altered to assure that specialty efforts are supported, while we continue to respond to the multitude of other 911 calls that continue to come in.  We appreciate the extra patience that we need from our community to be able to focus on high-risk events when they occur.

Further questions regarding the assault investigation should be directed to Skagit County Sheriff’s Office.



Media Contact:
Bob Vander Yacht, Lieutenant
Bellingham Police Department

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