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Report describes City drinking water safety, need for lake protection

Posted: May 24, 2011 12:10:28 PM PDT

A report published by the City of Bellingham says our drinking water meets all health requirements, and reminds area residents that protecting the Lake Whatcom Reservoir depends on the involvement of individuals, businesses and governments. The annual report, called a Consumer Confidence Report, will arrive in Bellingham water customers' mailboxes this week.
“The water we deliver every day to our customers meets or exceeds safe drinking water standards," said Bellingham Mayor Dan Pike. "But studies show us the health of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir continues to decline and will require more extensive and expensive treatment to keep our drinking water safe unless we all work together to protect it.”

Pike said the report provides information about drinking water standards and how the City is meeting them, as well as describing lake protection commitments City leaders have made. 

"Your City leaders remain committed to those goals, though we cannot do it alone. Individuals must do their part, and all levels of government must examine and change their policies and practices so we achieve these essential objectives," he said.

The annual report, required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, is designed to let people know what contaminants, if any, are in their drinking water and how these contaminants may affect their health. Federal and state regulations require these reports, including the specific language that must be used in them, be delivered to all water system customers before July 1 of each year.
"Consumer confidence reports help people make informed choices about the water they drink," Pike said. "They also give us a chance to tell our customers what it takes to deliver safe drinking water, where our water comes from, and how they can get involved in protecting and improving our drinking water resource."
The City of Bellingham provides drinking water to nearly 100,000 people. The Consumer Confidence Report, along with other information about the Lake Whatcom Reservoir, is available at .



Media Contact:
Bellingham Mayor Dan Pike or Janice Keller, Communications Manager, 778-8100

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